The vision

Web technologies are becoming more and more interconnected and confusing. Maintaining an overview in the process requires constant learning. Let alone find quick solutions in case of errors and complications.

We support agencies, web designers and IT companies to offer additional services without having their own costs. Sounds unbelievable? Read more on this website!

The advantages

As a reseller, you enjoy generous discounts or cashbacks, as well as a variety of other benefits.

No expenses of your own

Services provided by Suter Software may be billed to your end customer. Whether in a product designed by you or directly from Suter Software.

Easy and uncomplicated

Contact us and we will activate the appropriate service for your end customer. No account required. No contracts required. Everything easy and uncomplicated.

Free testing environments

As a reseller, you enjoy free testing environments. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a new website or clone an existing one.

Preconfigured templates

Suter Software offers you a wide range of templates. Ready for your content elements. No more frustration of having to reinstall WordPress, pages and plugins over and over again.

Let us handle technical problems
No more running after any error messages, non-functioning websites or the like. Doesn’t that sound dreamlike?

Web development

Again and again it happens that we do not find a solution for a problem that seems to be simple. Mostly, this is because the existing solutions were made for the global market and not for the Swiss market.

We have long started programming smaller solutions ourself. Contact us if you are looking for something very specific.

My partners

Do you need something else? We would be happy to recommend one of our partners to you.
Contact for all questions and problems concerning internet, telephony, software, hardware, CRM, ERP and support.

Swiss web hosting provider with 20 years of experience in domains, hosting, servers and more.

Web presence, logo’s, corporate design / corporate identity, product mailing, etc.. Meyer’s Marketing are at your side.

Costs and payment options

Our services are made so that the costs incurred can be charged to your end customer. You can decide for yourself whether:

  • Suter Software should charge the costs directly to your end customer.
  • You want to pay the costs yourself, and you want to resell the services in a product designed by yourself.

In both cases I guarantee you great prices and excellent service.