Anyone can do webhosting – but only few can look after your website

Normally, someone makes your website, and someone else hosts your website. Thanks to a special infrastructure and our own license management, we can offer you both. With update monitoring, we also make sure that error or problems can be detected and fixed immediately, before an end customer contacts you.

Your websites run on the server system of Suter Software

Fixing all kinds of errors on your website

Regular backups to external servers

Uptime Monitoring

Regular updates of WordPress, extensions (Plugins), Themes and the PHP-Version.

Resellers enjoy generous discounts or cashbacks

238.80 Swiss Franks per website per year

Maintenance without webhosting

Our WordPress support and maintenance plan is so popular that it can be purchased without webhosting. This can be the case if you offer your own web hosting, you have other services with a third-party provider, or many other reasons. I will gladly make sure that your websites stay online.

Same services as in webhosting above. (Simply without the web hosting…)

Resellers enjoy generous discounts or cashbacks

178.80 Swiss Franks per website per year

Plugins and licenses

You want to add more features to WordPress like WooCommerce, caching plugins, social media integration, mail sending via Exchange etc.? No problem. Suter Software has already licensed over 100 Plugins. We will be happy to handle additional licenses or make you an offer for already licensed software.

Never run after expired licenses or update problems again, since over 100 Plugins are already licensed.

Together we can save a lot of money

Individual pricing models possible

FAQ about webhosting

What is Suter Software doing in terms of failover?

Suter Software’s server system is mirrored to another system every 15 minutes. This enables us to switch and maintain operations as quickly as possible in the event of a server hardware or software problem. This system is designed to counteract problems with firmware, BIOS, operating systems, virtualization systems, etc. Data backups are clarified in another point.

What is backed up and at what intervals?

1. Our server system is fully backed up daily. These backups go back 6 weeks.

2. Plesk, the hosting management tool, creates a daily backup of the entire Plesk environment. This includes all websites, email accounts (IMAP / POP), databases, protocols and configurations. These backups go back 4 weeks.

3. Websites hosted by Suter Software are backed up to external servers on a daily basis. These backups go back 8 weeks. (Includes only WordPress websites, no emails, no other files or databases).

Which failures are not intercepted?
  • Failure of the entire data center
  • DNS service failure.
  • Cyber attacks such as DDOS attacks that cannot be mitigated with the services in place.
What can you do as a customer in the event of death or bankruptcy of Suter Software?

We obtain all hosting from the company FireStorm GmbH from Tann (Zurich). In the event of the death or bankruptcy of Suter Software, it is possible for you to access your website or e-mails through FireStorm GmbH. Exchange customers always have administrator rights themselves. Thus, you can also access your Microsoft portals.

What is there to consider for update monitoring?

For uptime monitoring to work, the appropriate settings must be made on the firewall and other security components. Each provider solves this in their own way. Some providers also do not offer any corresponding conversions. For websites hosted by Suter Software, this is of course also configured by Suter Software. In the case of web hosting from third-party providers, you as the customer are obliged to carry out these clarifications and maintenance. Suter Software does not provide any warranties. Find out more here.

Support of websites of third party providers

In the case of support for websites created by third-party providers, this provider must provide the required licenses. If this is not the case, new licenses must be purchased and charged in order to provide a smooth service.