WordPress Plugins

Suter Software offers custom plugins to help you manage and maintain your WordPress website. Besides, with these plugins it is possible for you to equip WordPress with additional functions. In some cases, Suter Software also develops very specific solutions for its end customers.

Admin Extensions

We use this plugin on all customer websites to deal with updates. It also extends WordPress with certain features for the Divi theme.

Responsive Table for Divi

A plugin that adds another module to the Divi theme, helping you make an HTML table responsive. And that in under two minutes.

Blank Divi Child Theme

With the help of a child theme you are able to make changes to your WordPress website without them being deleted after an update.

Custom Post DataTable

Similar to the Responsive Table for Divi plugin, this plugin extends WordPress with a feature to make HTML tables responsive. Furthermore, this plugin offers hover effects and filter options for your own custom posts.

Accordion Fix for Divi

The Divi accordion is already a great thing. But the fact that the first entry is always open, as well as the open accordion can not be closed via the title, is outrageously annoying. This plugin fixes this inconvenience for good.


A very specific solution to graphically represent new buildings in a unique way. This allows architects and real estate agents to market these buildings much better. Because pictures speak more than 1000 words.